I cast silver by using the lost-wax-technique.
The item is ‘sculptured’ in a hard wax. Through the years I have gained a lot of expertise in doing this.
Using spatula’s and a spirit-flame I shape the first model drop by drop. This model is cast in silver and then finished. When I am pleased with the result I make a rubber mould of the silver model.
For people who can finish cast silver I give wax-sculpture workshops. Call or e-mail me for information.

Thirtyfive years ago I started casting and mounting silver.
Now that the market is (and has been for several years) being flooded by similar jewellery from Asia it is more fun to work with titanium. It’s a unique material and there is less competition. Modelling wax will allways be a passion of mine though.
It is possible to create any shape you can think of.

The silver pendulum has ten symbols. The top has the ribs of a pyramid. On the base of the pyramid there is a Ying-Yang sign. Then there is an Ankh, a cross, a star of David, a pentagram and the four alchemist signs for fire, air, water and earth.
It is three centimeters in hight.

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